Insurance Premium

Top factors that affect the rate of your insurance premium

Most individuals understand maintaining a reasonable credit premium is vital for preserving overall financial health.  Good credit or gratuities not only leads to the best interest rates if you apply for the mortgage or car loan, but it also can assist in ensuring that your car insurance costs are as low as possible.  That’s right, […]

Permanent life insurance

Permanent and term life insurance – which one you can choose

A life insurance policy is a contract that ensures financial benefit for dependents after death in exchange for premium payments. Although there are various life insurance policies here, Every life insurance company provides multiple life insurance policies with different benefits. However, they have their own way of considering applications, but people often get confused between […]

life insurance

Is the life insurance payout possible if a person dies?

Once the individual purchases the life insurance policy, one indeed presumes that coverage is in effect & returns to their daily lives as such. Just like the other legal agreement, though, insurance policies contain a lot of the fine print, which consumers often don’t read. This is because life insurance policies contain several concealed exemptions […]

insurance policies

Factors that significantly impact your life insurance policies

Life insurance is a contract that ensures how much money your insurance provider will pay your beneficiaries when the insurance bearer dies in exchange for premium payments made by the insurance bearer.  Various insurance providers offer policies depending upon your case or application.  The primary purpose of life insurance is to provide help or benefit […]

Private health insurance

Different types of private health insurance.

You might have heard about private health insurance, but do you know how it actually works? This article will give you a brief overview of what private health insurance is, what it can do for you, and the types of private health insurance. Private medical insurance covers the treatment for short-term illnesses or injuries that […]

benefits & coverage

How to read a summary of benefits & coverage

Whether you have the high deductible Individual Health Insurance Plan, the Group plan, or have just purchased the Comprehensive Foreign Health Travel Insurance plan, it is vital to understand what your plan does & does not cover. It can help prevent big surprises & costly errors when it comes time to use your benefits. For […]

insurance costs

How can I lower my insurance costs?

Medical inflation has been one of the most significant concerns confronting Indians in recent years. People in low and middle-income groups find it challenging to keep up with the growing costs of premium healthcare. But, in this situation, what should one do? Of course, get health insurance coverage! There are around 34 insurance firms in […]

ten most important moments in your life

The ten most important moments in your life why you need

Young people believe that life insurance is something you should consider when you become older. However, this is a common misconception. Purchasing life insurance is one of the important financial choices one can make, but barely 10% of Indians have it. But why is it so crucial? Nobody knows what the future holds, no matter […]

insurance covers illnesses caused by Coronavirus

Do life insurance covers illnesses caused by Coronavirus?

Are life insurance policies capable of covering Coronavirus(COVID-19)? Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a pandemic. At the time of writing, nearly 25 lakh people have been affected by this disease, and 1.7 lakh have died. Globally, people are in a state of panic. Self-quarantine has become the standard way […]

life insurance

How to handle the situation if you do not qualify for life insurance

If you’re trying to protect your family, hitting a roadblock couldn’t possibly be more frustrating, could it? The experience is similar to obtaining life insurance, only to find out your application was unsuccessful. Would you have any idea what to do if this were to happen?  Do not fret: If your life insurance application fails, […]