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How Do You Feel Ditto Is Different From Other Insurance Companies?

The insurance sector in India has seen massive growth in the last decade with many new players entering the market. However, the customer experience has remained more or less the same – tedious paperwork, endless calls from agents trying to sell policies, and a lack of transparency in information. Here you can read about How Do You Feel Ditto Is Different From Other Insurance Companies?

This is where Ditto Insurance aims to shake things up. Pegged as a new-age alternative to traditional insurance aggregators like Policybazaar and Coverfox, Ditto promises to make insurance not just easy to compare and buy, but also help customers understand policies better. 

In this blog, we take a look at what makes Ditto Insurance different from the old guard and how it plans to change the way Indians perceive and buy insurance.

Seamless Digital Experience

One of the first things that strikes you when you visit the Ditto website or app is the clean, minimalist, and visually appealing interface. This is a far cry from the cluttered and confusing layouts of traditional insurance platforms. 

The smooth UI and UX make it easy for even insurance novices to navigate and find relevant products or information. Getting policy brochures, comparing features, and understanding complex insurance jargon is simplified through interactive graphics and visuals.

Ditto also offers app-based services in addition to the website. This omnichannel approach offers customers flexibility and convenience to research, compare, or buy policies through their preferred mode.  

Personalized Advisory

Insurance is a complex financial product that requires understanding the customer’s specific needs. However, most traditional insurance agents or websites take a one-size-fits-all approach.

Ditto provides personalized advisory services to ensure you get a policy tailored to your unique requirements. You can book a video call with an advisor through the platform who will guide you through suitable options.

The advisor simplifies insurance jargon, explains policy features in detail, and handholds you through the entire purchase process. This personalized touch makes a big difference in understanding insurance better.

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No Spam Calls

One of the biggest pain points with traditional insurance platforms is the barrage of spam calls and messages from agents trying to sell you policies. Ditto has tackled this issue innovatively through its lead management system. 

You are not required to share personal contact details like phone number or email ID to get insurance quotes or talk to an advisor. The platform uses artificial intelligence to understand customer needs and connects you to relevant advisors through appointment booking.

This cuts out the typical spam calls associated with buying insurance policies online. You engage only when you want to through appointment booking or chatting.

Limited But Carefully Curated Products 

Many insurance aggregators try to dazzle customers with an overwhelming array of insurance products from dozens of insurers. This approach leaves buyers confused. 

Ditto has chosen a different route by carefully curating and offering only select insurance products. For example, for term insurance, it has partnered with just three leading insurance providers – HDFC Life, ICICI Prudential, and Max Life. 

The limited yet top-quality product portfolio ensures customers get only the best options to choose from. Ditto can also negotiate better pricing and packages from its insurance partners given the smaller base.

Focus on User Education

Lack of awareness about insurance products and policies leads to many customers buying inadequate or unsuitable covers. Ditto is attempting to fix this issue through extensive educational content.

The website and app have detailed articles, videos, podcasts, and explainers on topics like types of insurance, how to calculate coverage needed, claims process, etc. Interactive calculators allow you to estimate ideal insurance coverage.

Equipping buyers with knowledge helps them make prudent insurance decisions. It also builds trust and credibility for Ditto as a platform focused on consumer interests.

Tech-Driven but Human-Centered

Technology gives Ditto an edge in the way it operates. The extensive use of AI, ML, and data analytics powers core functions like customer service, policy comparison and need analysis. 

However, the platform also believes in the power of the human touch in advisory. The dedicated advisors ensure you get a personalized insurance-buying experience where all your queries are answered and concerns addressed.

This balanced approach harnesses the best of technology and human interface. The future of insurance will need this blend of tech efficiency and human empathy.

Room for Improvement

While Ditto Insurance brings some refreshing changes to the insurance purchase experience, it still has room for improvement in certain aspects.

For instance, direct purchase of policies is currently limited to health and term insurance segments from select partner insurers. Expanding this to other insurance products like motor, travel or home will give customers more options. The number of advisors also needs to be scaled up to reduce delays in getting appointments currently running into days. More focus is needed on advisor training as well to improve customer service standards.

Adding 24×7 call center support will also help customers get information or assistance quickly compared to current modes like WhatsApp chat.

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