IndiaFirst Life Insurance Policies

IndiaFirst Life Insurance Policies

IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company offers a comprehensive portfolio of life insurance plans that are meant to meet various objectives of investments and protection. 

Whether you want to protect your loved ones, create wealth, plan for your retirement, or invest in your child’s education, you can find a solution that matches your requirements at IndiaFirst. 

Now, we will get into the specifics of the IndiaFirst Life Insurance policy details.

IndiaFirst Life Insurance Policy Details – Protecting Your Family’s Future

One of the key missions of life insurance is to provide your relatives with financial stability in case of your death. 

IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company is well aware of this basic necessity and has several plans available to provide your family with financial protection.

1. IndiaFirst Life Plan

The IndiaFirst Life Plan is a simple and easy way to insure your family’s future. This plan provides:

  • Flexible policy term options
  • Guaranteed death benefits
  • The decision to personalize life coverage

Through its comprehensive features, the IndiaFirst Life Plan guarantees your loved ones are taken care of even in case of an unfortunate event.

2. IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Protection Plus Plan 

It is a unique plan that is designed to cover the risk of death and provide for the financial needs of the beneficiary.

If you are looking for a personalized protection plan that is customized to your unique requirements, then the IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Protection Plus Plan can be an ideal choice for you. This plan offers:

  • Return of premium option
  • Affordable ₹1 crore cover
  • Flexible payout options
  • Lifelong insurance from the day of birth to 99 years.
  • Joint life benefit
  • The policy will continue to be effective in the event of your absence (Waiver of Premium).

Wealth Creation and Investment Solutions

IndiaFirst Life Insurance not only covers protection but also offers opportunities for investment and wealth creation. Their portfolio includes:

3. IndiaFirst Life Radiance Smart Invest Plan 

It is an investment product which is designed to provide long-term investment growth to customers.

This plan is designed in a way that one can enjoy both life cover and wealth creation under one package. Key features include:

  • Zero allocation charges
  • Life cover
  • Coverage for accidental death
  • Investment optimization
  • Risk reduction

The IndiaFirst Life Radiance Smart Invest Plan allows you to get the two benefits of insurance and investment together at the same time.

4. IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Single Premium Plan 

It is an insurance scheme where a fixed sum is invested in a policy that provides a guaranteed death benefit.

If you are searching for an investment opportunity that comes with high-yield returns, the IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Single Premium Plan might be the solution you need. This plan offers:

  • Guaranteed 7x on investment return
  • One-time payment (Single Pay)
  • Tax-saving benefits
  • The 125 percent life cover

By making one payment, you can be sure that you will have the financial protection you need and can also enjoy the benefits of life insurance coverage.

5. IndiaFirst Life Money Balance Plan is one of the well-known policies

For the ones who are looking for an equilibrium between investment growth and security, the IndiaFirst Life Money Balance Plan is a unique unit-linked insurance plan that is a mixture of market investments and safety. Its features include:

  • Automation of the fund management for the balance of the risk.
  • As an additional benefit, life cover with investment growth is also an option.
  • Periodic transition between equity and debt.
  • Tax-efficient ULIP investment
  • Liquidity through partial withdrawals
  • ULIP policy that acts as a safety net.
  • Ideal for conservative investors
  • Easy online policy management

These are the insurance benefits that come with the ULIP life policy.

The plan is one of a kind as it provides both flexible investments as well as the security of life insurance.

Retirement Planning and Pension Guarantee

IndiaFirst Life Insurance understands the significance of retirement planning and provides products that will give you lifetime income for your retirement without any worries of financial stability.

6. IndiaFirst Life Guarantee of Life Dreams Plan

It is a whole life insurance plan designed to provide financial security and guarantee lifetime income.

The exclusive plan of the company ensures that you earn your first earnings in the final month of the first month itself. Its key features include:

One of the main features is the possibility to choose among three income options.

  • Guaranteed long-term income
  • Life insurance cover
  • Benefits of long-term savings
  • Protection even if you miss one premium
  • Tax benefits

With the IndiaFirst Life Guarantee of Life Dreams Plan, you can make your retirement dreams a reality.

7. IndiaFirst Life Fortune Plus Plan

For those seeking a guaranteed savings life insurance plan, the IndiaFirst Life Fortune Plus Plan offers flexible premiums, guaranteed survival benefits, and cash bonuses (if declared), along with life insurance coverage during the entire policy term of 15 or 20 years. Its highlights include:

  • Shorter pay commitment (6-10 years)
  • Guaranteed survival benefit
  • Accumulated benefits with interest
  • Sum assured, bonuses, and interests at maturity
  • The policy remains effective in your absence (Waiver of Premium)
  • Flexible premium payment options

This plan provides a comprehensive solution for your savings and protection needs.

Child Education Planning

Investing in your child’s education is a priority for many parents, and IndiaFirst Life Insurance offers plans specifically designed for this purpose.

8. IndiaFirst Life Smart Save Plan

The IndiaFirst Life Smart Save Plan is a versatile ULIP insurance plan that allows you to tailor your investments and insurance for your child’s education. Its features include:

  • Customizable investment strategies
  • Life cover with market-linked returns
  • Multiple fund options for diverse portfolios
  • Flexibility in premium payments
  • Top-up facility for additional investment
  • Tax benefits on premiums and returns
  • Easy switch between funds
  • Secure online policy management

With this plan, you can create a robust financial foundation for your child’s educational aspirations.

Additional IndiaFirst Life Insurance policy details

IndiaFirst Life Insurance offers a wide range of other life insurance plans to meet various financial goals and requirements. Some of these plans include:

  • IndiaFirst Life Mahajeevan Plus Plan
  • IndiaFirst Maha Jeevan Plan
  • IndiaFirst Life Long Guaranteed Income Plan
  • IndiaFirst Life Cash Back Plan
  • IndiaFirst Simple Benefit Plan
  • IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Monthly Income Plan
  • IndiaFirst Life Micro Bachat Plan
  • IndiaFirst Life Saral Bachat Bima Plan
  • IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Benefit Plan
  • IndiaFirst Life Smart Pay Plan
  • IndiaFirst Life Micro Insurance Khata Plan
  • IndiaFirst Life POS Cashback Plan
  • IndiaFirst CSC Shubhlabh Plan

Each of these plans offers unique features and benefits tailored to specific financial objectives, such as periodic cash payouts, guaranteed maturity benefits, flexible premium payment options, and tax benefits.

How to Buy a Life Insurance Plan from IndiaFirst Insurance?

Purchasing a life insurance plan from IndiaFirst Life Insurance is a straightforward process.

  • Basic Details: Share your basic details, such as name, date of birth, mobile number, gender, person for whom you want to buy the policy, and email ID.
  • Additional Details: Provide information about your desired life cover, investment or annuity details, and goals.
  • Get Quote: Quickly generate a quote to calculate your premium or expected returns.
  • Payment Details: You can choose from IndiaFirst’s online plans and make the payment on the website, or their sales expert will reach out to you to explain the details further.
  • Pay Premium to Activate Cover: Finalize your plan, complete the necessary details, pay online, and submit the required documents for instant activation of your policy.