In India, it is mandatory for vehicle owners to have motor insurance. This is applicable for two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers. The type of insurance also varies based on the purpose of use, like private vehicle vehicles and vehicles for commercial usage.

At the time of investing in motor vehicle insurance, one also needs to consider the insurance claim process. It is always good to avail insurance policy from a company that provides a faster claim settlement. Also, there is a definite protocol that one needs to follow to ensure a seamless insurance claim settlement.

As a motor insurance policyholder, it is important that you must know about the different provisions under which you can demand a claim of insurance:

Personal injury or damage to the third party- This is applicable in the case of third-party vehicle insurance.

Damage to the policyholder’s vehicle- One can avail of this claim if they have comprehensive vehicle insurance.

Third-Party Claim-If the policyholder’s vehicle is involved, it is important to report the incident to the police as well as the insurance company. In case the insured vehicle is damaged and someone else's vehicle was involved, one must get the insurance details of that vehicle and initiate action to the insurer of that vehicle.

Own Damage Claim-In the case of damage to one's own vehicle because of an accident, the vehicle owner must immediately inform the insurance company and police. The insurance provider will send a survey to assess the damage and losses.

It is also recommended that you must not move the vehicle from the accident spot without the permission of the insurance company or the police.

Once you have permission, you can move the vehicle from the spot. Many insurance policies offer a cashless claim process, and if you too have the same policy, you can take your vehicle to the empanelled service centre and get the repair done without paying anything out of your pocket.

Theft Claim- If your vehicle gets stolen, then you must inform the police and the insurance company. Also, you must inform the transport department. If you want to make a claim, make sure that you run through the claim process and fill the claim form and submit other documents as directed by the insurance company. The document requirement may vary from one insurance provider to another. Hence you must check with your insurance provider about the process before making a claim.