Commercial vehicle insurance is the motor policy to cover the damages and losses caused to a commercial vehicle and the driver. The damage could be because of an accident or calamities or fires. It is mandatory to have commercial vehicle insurance. It gives protection coverage to your vehicle and fulfils the legal compliances as indicated by the government.

If your business owns more than one vehicle used for commercial work, then it must have commercial vehicle insurance. Regular cab services, school buses, carriers, auto-rickshaws are a part of commercial vehicles. This insurance type assures the stakeholders and the passengers that they shall be protected in case of any incident. It is mandatory to have at least a Liability Only policy that protects third parties against any damages caused by your commercial vehicle.

There are two types of commercial vehicle insurance:

  1. Comprehensive Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policy-As evident from the name, this policy covers loss or damage to the policyholder as well as the third party. It also provides protection against third-party bodily injuries. If there is damage to third-party vehicles or property, this policy also covers that aspect.
  2. Third-party Liability Insurance – This insurance policy provides coverage only when there is injury or property damage to the third-party vehicle.

You must know about the key aspects which are covered under this policy:

  1. Loss or damage to the vehicle because of fire, natural calamity, theft, accident, riots, malicious act, etc.
  2. This policy will protect against bodily injury or death to a third party.