General Insurance is the category of insurance that deals with everything except insuring a life. We have spoken about general insurance and its categories in detail all through the website.

Some of the common forms of general insurance are:

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Typical procdure is as follows:
  • Inform the insurer or authorized Third-Party Administrator (TPA) via email/phone
  • Submit all required documents (see your policy document for a list of these)
  • Upon verification by the insurer, your claim will be paid

Before choosing an appropriate policy for yourself, consider the following:
  • Purpose of the trip: A general travel will need a different policy tham travel for studies or medical care.
  • Traveller’s age: Policies may differ in coverage and facitilities as per age groups, esp for senior citizens
  • Coverage amount: Figuring out how much is enough as per your risk profile is very important
  • Coverage range: does the policy include all possible scenarios of coverage? Can you manage the exclusions?
  • Destination: Certain countries have specific laws regarding travel insurance, and many insurers offer specific policies for specific countries
  • Trip duration: The longer the journey, the higher the premium. So look for policies that offer lesser premium for a given set of features
  • Credibility and Claim Settlement Ratio of the insurer
  • Ease of claim filing process

You are required to buy it at least a day before the commencement of the journey. Any later and you will not get insurance. So please plan and purchase in advance

Ideally one should file the claim as soon as the need occurs. However you can file it within 30 days upon return to India, in most cases. Check with your insurer for details.

For details on policies, please visit this page to check out all the insurers who offer